A Grand Adventure

A Grand Adventure

On October 6th I will start a solo journey at the Grand Canyon on a 44-mile run called rim to rim to rim. I will complete a one-day run from the canyon's South rim to the North rim and back. The elevation gain and loss is over 22,000'. That is the equivalent of climbing and descending the Empire State Building 11 times. No cell service, no support, no plan B.

Culture. It's what moves some businesses forward and leaves others behind. It's what the associates at the company feel every day, the energy. Culture is the authentic self of the company.

Having an intentional culture requires a definition and daily practice starting from the top. A definition of culture starts with a set of values. These values need to have definitions, so people know what is expected.

Passionate may be a value a company states but, what does that mean? Concrete examples will help explain the meaning behind the word. For instance;

People are passionate when they:

  • Take ideas and relentlessly put them into action
  • Are excited for the duration of the project
  • Speak their mind while respecting other's points of view
  • Experience fulfillment

To build an intentional culture, on a regular basis, at all levels of the company, catch people practicing the values and acknowledge them. It may be a weekly stand-up meeting with a team lead asking if they experienced anyone being passionate in the past week. If no one can think of an example for a couple of weeks, then there is a disconnect between the desired culture and values vs reality.

Repeatedly I see health systems that state they value their staff. Yet, nursing turnover rates are above 25% and clinician burnout is at an all-time high There is a disconnect.

Imagine if your clinicians were passionate, bold, and innovative. Not just a handful, but all of them. Imagine what you could collectively achieve. They want to be, and most are, but the barriers that are put in front of them preventing them from giving the care they want to give robs them of their energy and their wellbeing.

At Redpoint Summit, we value being bold in order to make a real difference.

People are bold when they:

  • Present wild ideas
  • Speak up and constructively challenge
  • Feel safe
  • Share new perspectives

Are we perfect? Not at all. Perfection is not the end goal. We strive to live up to our values daily.

Which takes me back to the Grand Canyon. Yes, I'm going to attempt to make the run just 2 days before the HLTH conference. Why you may ask? Being bold and doing hard things is how we get our fulfillment. It's part of our culture.

Collectively we can be bold in healthcare and improve our clinicians' daily lives.

Find me at HLTH and I'd be happy to tell you about my Grand Canyon experience. I'm always excited to talk about helping clinicians and adventures.