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Maximize Your EHR

Redpoint Summit helps health systems

improve their providers' EHR experience and reduce variance

EHR Frustration

  • Did you know physicians are spending 2 hours of keyboard time for every 1 hour of patient time?

  • How much is the lack of an optimized EHR costing you?

  • Is your IT Staff too buried to build providers' order favorites, and/or create and manage effective order sets?

  • How much variance in care do you have because of the underuse of order sets?

  • How outdated are your order sets compared to the latest evidence based practices?

Physician Burnout

How to Get Started


Connect with Us

So we can define where you want to improve your EHR


Analyze your Patterns

We'll use AI to analyze your EHR activity to learn how providers use your EHR


Optimize & Standardize your EHR

We'll put our analysis into action and streamline your experience


Through our robotic process automation, every ordering provider will get a curated list of order favorites built within your existing EHR.

Speed to Value

What takes an IT team or consultants over a year to build we can do within weeks via automation.

Build Trust

Providers are burned out and frustrated with the EHR. Building order favorites and improving order sets to ensure they are valuable to the providers shows you are working to improve their workflows.

Improve Quality

Measuring how your order sets are being used, identifying high-impact areas to improve order set usage, implementing those changes, and utilizing targeted education will reduce variance in delivering care. 

Happy Doctor

Products We Provide

Happy Physician



Familiar Medication Orders

Champion EHR Profiles

Order Set Management

Order Set Management

Order Set Utilization

Personalized Order Sets

Order Set Adoption

Evidence-based Order Sets

Evidence-based Quality

Variance Detection

Order Set Proposals

Order Set Adoption

to switch EHRs yet still need to advance the current implementation
Frustrated Physician
to have physicians frustrated with the EHR
Healthcare Quality
to want to improve order sets but don't have the time or resources

We know what it feels like...

Personalize Every Clinician

  • Familiar Medication Orders

  • Champion EHR Profiles

Measure Your

Order Sets

  • Evidence-based Order Sets

  • Order Set Utilization



  • Variance Detection

  • Order Set Proposals

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