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Reducing Physician Burnout

Redpoint Summit enables clinicians to give the care they want to give by optimizing the EHR

High Clinician Burnout

  • Is your turnover rate of clinicians jeopardizing your services and revenue?

  • What bridges have you built with your clinicians lately?

  • What is a new clinician's impression of your EHR on their first day?

  • Has it been effective to have clinicians optimize their own EHR?

  • How much is an unoptimized EHR costing you?

How to Get Started


Connect with Us

So we can work to improve your EHR


We Optimize Your EHR for Each User

We'll use AI to analyze your EHR activity to learn how providers use your EHR


Increased Satisfaction of Your Clinicians

We'll put our analysis into action and streamline your experience

Higher User Satisfaction

  • Reduce administrative burden
  • Increase patient throughput
  • Allow clinicians to spend more time with patients

Reduce Physician Burnout

  • Give your providers a better EHR experience
  • Position your clinicians for success
  • Improvements that are felt daily keep on giving

Improve Physician Documentation

  • Reduce time spent on documentation
  • Improve notes via templates
  • Improve consistency within peer groups

Reduce Errors

  • Minimize the need for keyboard entry
  • Reduce cognitive load for users
  • Better user mindset

Clinicians don't have to be frustrated with your EHR. Really.

Check out our product overview page to learn more

most clinicians have not optimized their EHR
the EHR drains the energy from the clinicians
patient throughput needs to improve, but clinicians are burned out

Like you, we're frustrated that...

Champion Profiles: Leveraging AI to Optimize Your EHR

At Redpoint Summit we know you are the kind of health system that wants to focus on quality patient outcomes, a sustainable workforce, and solid financials. In order to be that way, you need to optimize your EHR to unleash your clinicians' fullest potential. The problem is clinicians have to spend hours in the EHR on administrative tasks such as documenting and placing orders.  This prevents them from being able to give the patient care that they want to give, which makes you feel like you want to make the clinicians' daily lives better.
We believe there's a better way for clinicians to experience the EHR. We understand that most clinicians do not have the time to customize the EHR to fit their needs. That's why we tune the EHR for each individual user using automation.
Here's how it works:
1. Connect with Us
  • We'll engage our algorithms to analyze each user's patterns within the EHR. 
2. We Optimize Your EHR for Each User
  • We'll leverage our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to configure each user by creating order favorites based on their personal ordering patterns, share documentation templates that are used by their peers, and customize other EHR profile configurations.
3. Increased Satisfaction of Your Clinicians
  • Higher clinician satisfaction and a reduction in errors due to less time spent manually entering data.
  • A reduction in barriers that are preventing clinicians from giving the care they want to give. 
  • Improved documentation since physicians are leveraging existing templates so providers can now focus on providing key information rather than having to create the note from a blank canvas.
​Connect with us today at  Make your health system more efficient, and provide a better experience for your providers.  These improvements to your EHR can allow your clinicians to give the care they want to give.
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